Partner With Our Foundation

Partnering with Olympic View Foundatin

Partner With Our Foundation

The Olympic View Community Foundation helps you develop a powerful, cost-effective, and highly personal approach to charitable giving. Partner with OVCF and you can:

  • easily and effectively support the groups and issues you care about, in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere in the world
  • develop a giving strategy that meets your particular needs
  • give a wide variety of assets
  • create a donor advised fund, which enables you to contribute charitable assets and recommend grants any time you want
  • make charitable giving a part of your estate plan
  • benefit from the most favorable tax deductions available under IRS regulations
  • learn more about the issues and non-profit groups that interest you

When you partner with us, we are:

  • your partner in your charitable giving and are able to advise you of specific current needs in your area of interest
  • your savings account for the future of the Sequim Dungeness Valley through our community fund, and so we can direct your charitable giving to maintain your family legacy into perpetuity
  • your conduit to non-profit organizations seeking funding to insure your charitable giving can remain confidential if this is your desire
  • your provider of due diligence on non-profit organizations seeking funding to insure your charitable giving is necessary and meaningful
  • your reporter and are accountable to you as to the responsible use of your charitable funds on an ongoing basis

The primary role of the Olympic View Community Foundation is to act as a “savings account”, providing a stable, ongoing source of funding to assist in addressing the needs and opportunities to make the Sequim Dungeness Valley a better place to live and work. The Foundation’s responsibility to the donor and the community is to ensure the effective use the gift through prudent investment and grant management.

These Funds are pooled for investment purposes and managed by professional investment managers under the supervision of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. By pooling resources, the Foundation is able to maximize the return on investment and while minimizing operating costs.